Let’s be honest. The answer can be, not much.

But Sean, aren’t you a coach? I hear you ask.

Indeed I am. Like personality, sexuality and much else, coaching is a wide spectrum. But the sheer reach that coaching should have can be narrowed and stunted. Instead of having a span like The Øresund Bridge (the one in the scandi-noir tv series) it can be a plank.

Coaching should be a long bridge connecting Soft Outcomes and Hard Outcomes, which are equally important and inter-dependent.

Soft Outcomes begin with Exploration (Who can I be? What can I achieve?) and end with Growth and Discovery (I know who I am. I know what I can do.)

Hard Outcomes begin with Clarification (I know what I want. I know how to get there.) and end with Behavioural Change (I’m doing it like this now. It works like that.)

A great deal of coaching begins and ends in the soft stuff. Some does the same in the hard.

The most effective coaching spans Soft and Hard Outcomes. It’s not simple. It’s not quick. It’s not easy.

But it’s good for just about everything.