Leadership Strategy

Leading Change

To lead change is to lead through the heart. In a world where ideas, products and services can be transformed at lightning speed into successes or failures leaders have to trust their followers, and be trusted by them, to capitalise on the unexpected. All leaders need to be driven by a shared purpose and values to inspire performance; but the essence of leadership is trust.

Purpose, Values and Behaviours

The most successful companies act with purpose and have organisational values in harmony with the personal values of individual employees. People feel a personal affinity with their business and its leaders when they share values in life beyond work. When we work with clients on purpose, values and behaviours we make sure that the results are deeply-felt, bigger than the organisation and seamless.

Corporate Strategy

Strategy is the satnav of business. It should point to where a company is headed and map the route. But in the whirlwind of change strategy has to be regularly revisited and re-thought. Leadership teams must refresh their ideas in the ways that are most valued by the market and by every part of the organisation. We get businesses on-trend and on the money.

Consumer Insight and Targeting

The target consumer used to be seen as a single-minded happy eater hooked on a brand promise. Today that consumer is less a hungry single demographic or psychographic type than a nervous, moralizing, tribal, variegated, fast-moving game-player. We underpin brand targeting with deep, wide-ranging consumer insights: multifaceted ideas that stick like velcro to more complicated, speeded-up and interconnected real lives.

Brand Strategy

Ask not what your category can do for your brand; ask what your brand can do for your category. The days of brands planning their futures in splendid isolation, or by wargaming against their closest competitors, are done. Brands exist to grow categories. Consequently, we insist brand and category strategy are thought through as two mutually-supportive halves, like the hemispheres of the brain.

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