Leadership Delivery


Acting decisively in uncertain times separates leaders from followers. But if this becomes top-down autocracy it limits people’s potential. The most effective leaders make sense of ambiguity by providing strategic clarity and bringing out the best in the people around them. They make few decisions themselves and coach their teams to success. We call this leading from the side, and it is the heart of our coaching to improve performance.


Effective leaders energise the people around them. They signal change and generate self-belief in others so that they can overcome obstacles. This means that fun is strategically important. When people are enjoying themselves, they are more likely to do good work. We keep fun central because it removes the barriers to experimentation and sustains the determination to attack problems.

New Habits

Organisations seek outside help when times are bad. Then time moves on, key learnings fade, and day-to-day pressures return. Maybe it’s back to the comfort zone, or unconsciously settling for under-performance. We look to the future with clients to explore the behaviours that will achieve goals and drive sustainable success. Then we help to embed the behaviours as new habits.

Changing Culture

The culture of an organisation boils down to the way it does things. This depends on what people believe, what they are aiming to achieve and how engaged they are. Organisations have major problems when cracks appear between these things. We help to solve culture-problems by changing beliefs, changing goals and changing levels of commitment – in other words, changing people’s hearts as well as minds.

Ongoing Support

Leadership journeys are challenges. They are bumpy roads, full of unexpected twists, turns and obstacles. Our ongoing support helps clients to keep flexible and agile in uncertain times and navigate the best way to their destination. We provide a confidential sounding-board to develop and review ideas, strategies and plans. We offer ongoing support as face-to-face or online consultancy and coaching.

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